ISA TR88.00.02-2008

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Machine and Unit States: An Implementation Example of ISA-88
standard by The International Society of Automation, 08/01/2008

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The ISA88 committee has defined a batch standard series that provides terminology and a consistent set of concepts and models for batch manufacturing plants and batch control. These standards, however, were not defined in the context of packaging machines, or machines that perform discrete operations. As the ISA-88 batch standards continue to evolve, the context of the standard models may be extended to include the entire plant, integrating the software definitions of batch, packaging, converting and warehousing. Currently, as noted in this report there is a need to begin consideration of the ISA-88 standards in the context of differing automated machinery.

This is an informative document. This document contains definitive implementation examples of definitions and models in order to establish a common presentation and high level software architecture or layout. The terms and definitions used in this document are harmonized, as much as possible, with ISA-88; the document is not definitive in this respect. The models used, and applied, in this document are an extension of the models presented in ISA-88 and are shown how they are applied to differing machine functionality. Discrete machine functionality is expressed graphically in several situations and described. The intent of this document is to propose specific implementation options and indicate a preference for a specific set of machine types.

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